Krumpholz Tools - Lightweight Spade 85cm - 1200g

This spade is forged from one piece of steel with a small-sized ash T-Handle, perfect for effective handling, and its lighter weight makes it the perfect choice for female gardeners who would prefer a lighter tool. The high-quality ash handle blends perfectly and securely into the fire-forged iron, meaning digging and shovelling has never been more dependable.

Whether you’re breaking up the earth, digging, planting or weeding, you can be sure that this premium-quality spade will give you quality depth every time, while providing a durable tool for sustaining high amounts of digging.

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Women's Spade

A light, high-quality spade that has proven itself, for example, when transplanting seedlings into beds and also when planting flower bulbs. Working with a forged step is made much easier.

Excecution Stem Length Stalk Total Weight
With Kick 80cm Ash T-Handle 1,200g
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Brand Krumpholz
Tool Spade

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Brand Krumpholz