Krumpholz Tools - Junior Spade 75cm

The compact and light design makes this junior spade the perfect tool for any young gardener wanting to practice and master their craft, not for adult use. Its light design does not mean that it neglects quality or durability, with firm strength and forged premium metal to provide perfect results every time.

This product has been made with the best quality hard-wearing materials, including the ash T-Handle for an enduring grip, with premium German manufacturing woven into the product for a top-quality gardening spade.

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Junior Spade 

Junior spade with 75 cm long handle made of ash wood in a T-shape. "Now it can start": With this compact and light spade, the "young gardener" can really let off steam. This tool is a must for junior equipment.

Head Weight Stem Length Stalk Total Weight
- 75cm Ash T-Handle 700g
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Brand Krumpholz
Tool Spade

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Brand Krumpholz