Krumpholz Tools - Tapered Spade - 85cm - 1450g

This spade is a top-of-the-range, durable garden tool for digging and transporting plants or earth. Its sophisticated design means it is a premium product suited for women. Its sharp blade edge, crafted through premium German forging, means it makes small work of getting into even hard ground and rooted soil.

The kick step makes it even easier to tackle hardened earth. The high-quality ash T-Handle blends perfectly and securely into the fire-forged iron, meaning digging and shovelling has never been more dependable. This premium-quality spade will give you depth every time.

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Hollow And Plant Spade

This new, sophisticated tool is particularly suitable for women. The sharp blade makes it easy to get into the ground even on hard and / or rooted soils. The variant with an additional step makes work much easier.

Excecution Stem Length Stalk Total Weight
With Kick 80cm Ash T-Handle 1,450g
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Brand Krumpholz
Tool Spade

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Brand Krumpholz