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Adding innovative new products to keep you ahead of the competition


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Bronte Heritage Peat Free Multi Purpose Compost

The finest quality Peat Free compost.

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Top New Product To The Bronte Heritage Collection

The MaxiPot 'Twist & Lock' Pot

Maximum Growth

Twist & Lock Pot allows excellent drainage and air circulation to your roots, meaning they can now flourish and thrive, as they will not experience problems like root rot and the build-up of bad bacteria’s which are caused by compost remaining moist and starting to sour, which can occur a lot in ordinary pots and trays, as they are usually left sat in their runoff after watering or over watering.

Maximum Protection

In the winter when the frost creeps in you can leave your pot in the up position lowering the risk of severe frost damage as the frost tends to cause the most damage to anything sat on the ground.

Bronte Heritage Collection MaxiPot

Maximum Uses

Twist & Lock Pot ensures the important wet/dry cycle in your medium by the use of our innovative lift and twist design which lifts the pot from the base. This means excellent air circulation under the pot base allowing your root zone to access the fresh air for maximum root oxygenation.

Maximum Savings

MaxiPot saves the user money as they will not have to buy a list of products anymore, such as pot feet and pot stands, gravel trays, pesticides and copper strips - and can even save on watering.

Bronte Heritage Organic Plant Foods

Premium plant food for Ericaceous Plants, Tomatoes and Lawns.

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