The formation of Bronte Heritage Collection® and its product range is the culmination of a desire to provide gardening essentials that are trusted, provide exceptional results and are presented as a premium collection for your customers.


In our industry, growth is crucial in two senses. It matters that Bronte Heritage Collection® provide your customers with a range that yields the best results in their gardens. We’re also devoted to providing you products that allow you to grow through our partnership programme. Our objective is to become a trusted and reliable name in your customer’s homes, encompassing a wide spectrum of products and allowing them to complete every task in the garden. Exponential growth for you, unrivalled growth for your customer.


Although our product range is steeped in years of perfecting products that work, our unparalleled knowledge of working with manufacturers and sellers means we’re leading the way in horticultural innovation. We work with our manufacturers and suppliers to produce innovative new ranges, whilst simultaneously acquiring rights to exciting products emerging in the industry. Our motivation to provide products that keep your business ahead of the competition is what drives the collection of products we have.


Prosperous business cannot be achieved without a harmonious, collaborative relationship. As such, we ensure our customers are able to seamlessly purchase new stock, attain information on our products and gain access to our experts through our partnership portal.

Katie Rushworth




Your customers want to know that our products can be trusted above other competitive brands. Although we know our products work better than leading industry alternatives, we want to help your customers make their first steps in becoming Bronte Heritage Collection® advocates.

To help them make the purchase, we have gained the backing of TV's Katie Rushworth. Katie's recommendation can be seen on various Bronte Heritage Collection® P.O.S stands to give your customers the satisfaction the products they’re purchasing are backed by experts at the pinnacle of the gardening industry.