Bronte Multi Purpose Compost 60 Litre

Bronte multi-purpose compost:

Our bronte heritage multi-purpose compost is made from only the finest quality sphagnum moss peat. It offers a uniformed structure That gives consistently good results. They contain a perfect balance of nutrients and are ideal for seeds, cuttings, potting, hanging baskets, containers and outdoor planting.

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Multi-purpose compost benefits:

  • Improved moisture retention
  • Perfect for all stages of plants
  • Promotes superior root growth
  • Free from green waste
  • More flowers, greater flower vibrancy and longer plant life
  • An ideal medium for potting, cuttings and hanging baskets.

Bronte Multi-Purpose Compost will keep plants fed for up to 6 weeks.

The specialist natural ingredients allow the compost to yield great results during every month of the year.

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Brand Bronte Heritage

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