Bronte Slug Defence Plant Spray - 1 Litre (6 Per Case)

Bronte Heritage Collection Slug Defence Plant Spray is ready to use and pesticide free that helps promote plant growth. Effective prevention against slug & snail damage without causing harm.

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Used by professionals, Bronte Slug Defence Plant spray deters slugs and snails without harming them, whilst allowing natural predators such as hedgehogs, amphibians and birds to feed safely in the garden.

Suitable for use on edible and non-edible plants.

Safe For

  • Hedgehogs
  • Amphibians
  • Birds

Directions For Use

SHAKE WELL before application. Turn nozzle to the ‘ON’ position, when finished applying turn back to the ‘OFF’ position.

Spray plants until the product is starting to drip from the foliage, for plants more prone to slug and snail damage such as Hosta, spray under the plants leaves as well as on top. Do not spray tender plants straight out of the greenhouse.

Application Rate

For best results, spray every 7-10 days while plants are at risk of damage from slugs and snails. It’s safe to spray more frequently if needed, for example if prolonged damage occurs after rainfall or plant watering.


A specific calcium chloride solution and other minor nutrients in a ready to use formula. Does not contain any animal by-products.

Safety Information

Wash hands after use. Keep spray off skin and away from eyes. If splashed in eyes rinse well with clean water. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label to hand.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Safe to use around children and pets when following the labels instructions for use.

Storage Information

Store in a cool location out of direct sunlight, but not in a place where the product will be at risk of freezing such as in sheds or garages.

Keep bottle upright in transit and storage.

Recycling Information

  • Bottle: Made from 100% recycled material
  • Bottle and Trigger: Both widely recycled
  • Label: PP is widely recycled
More Information
More Information
Brand Bronte Heritage
Case Quantity 6
Volume 1L

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